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Alpha Iota Delta is proud to be one of the sponsors for the Instructional Innovation Award of the Decision Sciences Institute.
The Instructional Innovation Award seeks to recognize outstanding contributions that advance instructional approaches within the decision sciences. The focus of this award is innovation in college- or university-level teaching.
2008. Janelle Heineke (Boston University); Larry Meile (Boston College Carroll School of Management); Linda Boardman Liu (Boston University); Jane Davies (Boston University) 
Project Flip: An Interactive Case/Exercise in Managing Uncertainty
2007. Grandon Gill, University of South Florida
A Self-Paced, Game-Based Programming Course
2006. Sandra Strasser, Valparaiso University
Statistics Students Create Their Own Textbook Using Wiki Technology.
2005. Grandon Gill, University of South Florida
A Learner-Centered Capstone Course for an MIS Masters Degree Program.
2004. Natalie Simpson, SUNY at Buffalo
Educational Autonomation: Creating Case Study Challenges for Large Enrollment Classes.
2003. Lee Revere, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Classroom Jeopardy: A Winning Approach for Improving Student Assessment, Performance, and Satisfaction.
2002. S. Thomas Foster, Jr, Boise State University
Free Quality: A Free Resource for the Quality-minded Professional.
2001. John Todd, University of Arkansas; Ken Vickers, University of Arkansas
New Course: Intra/Entrepreneurship of Technology.
2000. Robert Minch, Boise State University; Sharon Tabor, Boise State University
Teaching Network Management Hands-On: Experiences with a Student-Run Internet Service Provider.
1999. Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University; Robert Elrod, Georgia State University
From Worst to First: An Innovative EMBA (and MBA) Decision Science Course.
1998. Karen A. Brown, Seattle University
Making a Difference: The Community Service Project Management Class.
1997. Peter Arnold and Anil Khurana, Boston University
SM323: The Cross-Functional Core.
1996. O. Homer Erekson, Orie L. Loucks, Raymond F. Gorman, Pam Johnson, and Timothy C. Krehbiel, Miami University. Sustainability Perspectives in Resources and Business: An Interdisciplinary Course for Business and Science Majors.
1995. Chetan S. Sankar, Scott Kramer and Kamal K. Hingorani, Auburn University
Using Information Technology Based Case Studies to Teach Managerial Issues in Project Management.
1994. Christine H. Lamb, James B. Lee, and Karen L. Vinton, Montana State University
Business as a Performing Art: Empowering Student Outcomes in a Resource-Constrained Environment.
1993. Earl H. McKinney, Jr., United States Air Force Academy
The Management Capstone Course: Strategy, Marketing, and MIS in the One School Roomhouse.
1992. David M. Dilts, University of Waterloo
Demonstrating Interfirm Relationships in the Classroom: The Supply Chain Game.
1991. Donald L. Harnett, Indiana University. Integrating Quantitative Models and Managerial Economics in the MBA Core.
1990. Morag Stewart, Eastern Washington University, and Vance Cooney, University of Arizona. Practice What You Teach: Using a Database to Teach Database Concepts.
1989. Peter W. Stonebraker, Northeastern Illinois University. The `Little Red Wagon' Course.
1988. Peeter Kirs, The University of Texas @ El Paso. A Role-Playing Approach to Systems Analysis and Design.
1987. Lori S. Franz, University of Missouri-Columbia. A Board Meeting Approach for Integrating Analysis and Communication Skills into Quantitative Methods Courses.
1986. R. Lawrence LaForge, Clemson University, and Charles W. McNichols, Radford University. An Integrative, Experiential Approach to Teaching Production Management.
1985. Roger J. Gagnon, Wake Forest University. Teaching Operations Design: An Experiential Project Approach.
1984. James R. Evans, University of Cincinnati. Integrating Creative Thinking in the Application of Operations Research/Management Science.
1983. David M. Ambrose, University of Nebraska-Omaha, and Roger L. Hayen, Central Michigan University. The Nebraska Rural Communities Program: Decision Support in a Living Laboratory. AND Rebecca J. Klemm, Klemm Analysis Group. Business Statistics: A Consulting Firm Approach.
1982. Samuel E. Bodily, University of Virginia. A Course Structure and Teaching Approach for Decision Models in Management.
1981. Rick Hesse, Mercer University. The Block: Integrating Management and Management Science.
1980. Daniel Robey, Barbara Taggart and Bill Taggart, Florida International University. Decision Styles and Personal Effectiveness.
1979. John C. Anderson, University of Minnesota. Problem Formulation: A Management Science Approach.
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