Clyde W. Holsapple

Dr. Clyde W. Holsapple, a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute, holds the Warren Rosenthal Endowed Chair in the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky. Formerly, he was a tenured faculty member at the University of Illinois and a Full Professor in Purdue Universitys Krannert Graduate School of Management. Dr. Holsapple has also been active in the software industry, designing tools that foreshadowed basic features that have come to be commonplace in todays software systems.

Professor Holsapple is one of the founding scholars of the decision support systems field. From the 1970s onward, he made several seminal contributions to this field, including introduction and delineation of the knowledge-based view of decision making/support, creation of the generic decision support system (DSS) architecture aligned with this view, design of an invariant and practical software engine whose ability to handle diverse object types allows it to drive wide-ranging DSS application systems, identification of key parameters for studying multiparticipant DSSs, and conception/demonstration of the first artificially intelligent DSSs.
Professor Holsapple has also made seminal contributions that help define and shape the emerging discipline of knowledge management (KM) which is a major reference discipline for the DSS field. These include creation of the Knowledge Management Ontology, the Knowledge Chain Theory, the PAIR Model of knowledge-based competitiveness, and the initial characterization of knowledge-based organizations. Most recently, he has contributed to the science of informetrics via the design/application of a behavior-based technique for measuring knowledge distribution channels, and has launched a research initiative aimed at defining/developing the science of competitiveness. 
Professor Holsapples 150 journal publications have appeared in such notable periodicals as Decision Sciences; Decision Support Systems; Operations Research; Organization Science; Communications of the ACM; Journal of Operations Management; Group Decision and Negotiation; Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education; Journal of American Society for Information Science and Technology; The Information Society; Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice; Journal of Strategic Information Systems; Journal of Management Information Systems; Human Communications Research; Knowledge, Technology, and Policy; Journal of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Research and Practice; Knowledge and Process Management; Expert Systems with Applications; International Journal of Electronic Commerce; Financial Management; International Journal of Logistics Management; Computational Economics; Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, and IEEE Intelligent Systems,among others.
Additionally, Dr. Holsapple has published over a dozen books, includingthe classic Foundations of Decision Support Systems (about which Herbert Simon has written: a pioneering book showing the "applicability of techniques drawn from computer science -- from artificial intelligence and database management -- to decision making in organizations ... takes an important step in this new direction."), Business Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems A Knowledge-based Approach, Handbook on Decision Support Systems, and Handbook on Knowledge Management. In all, contents of his publications have received over 6,000 citations, and in the period 2006-2010 they have been cited in over 125 doctoral dissertations.  
Active in promoting the decision sciences, Professor Holsapple is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, which has now been published for over 20 years. He has served asSenior Editor of Information Systems Research; inauguralArea Editor forboth Decision Support Systems and the INFORMS Journal on Computing; Associate Editor of Management Science and Decision Sciences. He has also served as Chair of the DSI Publications Committee. His participation in DSI Annual Meetings includes delivering tutorial and highlighted presentations, mentoring for Doctoral Consortium Strategic Research Planning, being a panelist, chairing tracks and sessions, and presenting and reviewing research papers.
Recognitions of Dr. Holsapples research accomplishments are evident in several ways. He is recipient of the Essential Science Indicators Top 1% Designation by Thomson-Reuters, the University of Kentuckys inaugural Robertson Faculty Research Leadership Award, the state of Kentuckys R&D Excellence Award, and several best paper awards. The influence of his research is documented in an independent citation study, which states that he is one of most influential authors in U.S. academic institutions for DSS research ranking second in the number of publications cited over a 19-year period. A citation study from the University of Minnesota concludes that Dr. Holsapple is a seminal author in the KM field. Furthermore, a scientometric analysis from the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Mumbai, India) states that he is one of the five most productive authors in the history of the KM discipline out of over 10,000 KM authors tracked.
An accomplished teacher, Professor Holsapple has received the Chancellors Award for Outstanding Teaching at the University of Kentucky, been consistently recognized on the University of Illinois Teaching Excellence List, and been honored with the Computer Educator of the Year Award from the International Association for Computer Information Systems. Professor Holsapple has chaired over 25 completed doctoral dissertations and has been a committee member for over 50 others.
Dr. Holsapples work spans and integrates seven primary research streams: Decision Support Systems, Knowledge Management, Organizational Computing, Electronic Commerce, Informetrics, Artificially Intelligent Systems, and Data Base Management. A sampling of this work appears below, arranged chronologically within each research stream.
Selected Publications in Primary Research Streams
Decision Support Systems
 A Decision Support System for Area-Wide Water Quality Planning (1976). Socio-Economic Planning Sciences                 10(6) with Whinston.
 Aiding Decision Makers with a Generalized Data Base Management System (1978).Decision Sciences 9(2) with                Bonczek, Whinston.
 Computer-Based Support of Organizational Decision Making (1979). Decision Sciences 10(2) with Bonczek,    Whinston.
 The Evolving Roles of Models within Decision Support Systems (1980). Decision Sciences 11(2) with Bonczek,                 Whinston.
 Future Directions for Developing Decision Support Systems (1980). Decision Sciences 11(4) with Bonczek,         Whinston.
 Foundations of Decision Support Systems(1981). NY: Academic Press with Bonczek, Whinston; Foreword by Herbert Simon.
 A Generalized Decision Support System Using Predicate Calculus and Network Data Base Management              (1981).Operations Research  29(2) with Bonczek, Whinston.
 A Framework for Designing Adaptive DSS Interfaces (1989). Decision Support Systems5(1) with Dos Santos.
 Coordinator Support in a Nemawashi Decision Process (1992). Decision Support Systems8(2) with Watabe,       Whinston.
 Model Management Issues & Directions (1993). Decision Support Systems 9(1) with Chang, Whinston.
 A Hyperknowledge Framework of Decision Support Systems (1994). Information Processing and Management               30(4) with Chang, Whinston.
 Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach(1996), St Paul: West with Whinston.
 ERP Plans and Decision-Support Benefits (2005). Decision Support Systems38(4) with Sena.
 Handbook on Decision Support Systems, Volumes 1 & 2(2008), Berlin: Springer with Burstein.
 Knowledge Management
 Software Tools for Knowledge Fusion (1983). Computerworld (In Depth Section) 17(15) with Whinston
 Knowledge-Based Organizations (1987). The Information Society5(2) with Whinston.
 Knowledge Management in Decision Making and Decision Support (1995). Knowledge, Technology, and Policy              8(1).
 An Investigation of Factors that Influence the Management of Knowledge in Organizations (2000). Journal of                 Strategic Information Systems 9(2/3) with Joshi.
 Knowledge Management Support of Decision Making (2001). Decision Support Systems 31(1).
 The Knowledge Chain Model: Activities for Competitiveness (2001). Expert Systems with Applications20(1)
                with Singh.
 Organizational Knowledge Resources (2001). Decision Support Systems31(1) with Joshi.
 Knowledge Manipulation Activities: Results of a Delphi Study (2002). Information & Management39(6)
         with Joshi.
 A Collaborative Approach to Ontology Design (2002). Communications of the ACM45(2) with Joshi.
 Knowledge Management: A Three-Fold Framework (2002). The Information Society, 18(1) with Joshi.
 Handbook on Knowledge Management, Volumes 1 & 2(2003), Berlin: Springer.
 A Formal Knowledge Management Ontology: Conduct, Activities, Resources, and Influences (2004). Journal of              the American Society for Information Science and Technology  55(7) with Joshi.
 The Inseparability of Modern Knowledge Management and Computer-Based Technology (2005).  Journal of                 Knowledge Management9(1).
 Knowledge Chain Activity Classes: Impacts on Competitiveness and the Importance of Technology Support                        (2007). International Journal of Knowledge Management3(3) with Jones.
 In Search of a Missing Link (2008). Knowledge Management Research & Practice 6(1) with Wu.
Organizational Computing
 Distributed Decision Making: A Research Agenda (1988). ACM SIGOIS Bulletin 9(1) with Whinston.
 Organizational Computing: Definition and Issues (1991). Journal of Organizational Computing 1(1) with          Applegate, Ellis, Radermacher, Whinston.
 Reputation, Learning, and Organizational Coordination (1992). Organization Science 3(2) with Ching, Whinston.
 Modeling Network Organizations: A Basis for Exploring Computer Supported Coordination Possibilities (1993).                 Journal of Organizational Computing3(3) with Ching, Whinston.
 A Framework for Studying Computer Support of Organizational Infrastructure (1996). Information &                 Management 31(1) with Luo.
 Toward IT Support for Coordination in Network Organizations (1996). Information & Management 30(4) with                 Ching, Whinston.
 A Formal Basis for Negotiation Support System Research (1998). Group Decision and Negotiation7(3) with Lai,             Whinston.
 Understanding Computer-Mediated Interorganizational Collaboration: A Model and Framework (2005). Journal of        Knowledge Management9(1) with Chi.
 The Linkage between IOS Use and Competitive Action: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective (2007). Information           Systems and E-Business Management5(4) with Chi, Srinivasan.
 Digital Systems, Partnership Networks, and Competition: The Co-evolution of IOS Use and Network Position as                Antecedents of Competitive Action (2008). Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce          18(1) with Chi, Srinivasan.
 Digital Systems and Competition (2010). Information Systems Research 21(3) with Ferrier, Sabherwal.
Electronic Commerce
 Electronic Commerce: Building Blocks of New Business Opportunity (1996). Journal of Organizational             Computing and Electronic Commerce 6(1) with Applegate, Kalakota, Radermacher, Whinston.
 Electronic Commerce: From a Definitional Taxonomy toward a Knowledge Management View (2000). Journal of         Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce10(3) with Singh.
 Theoretical Foundations for Collaborative Commerce Research and Practice (2004). Information Systems and E-            Business Management2(1) with Hartono.
 The Dynamics of Trust in B2C E-Commerce: A Research Model and Agenda (2005). Information Systems and E-           Business Management 3(4), with Sasidharan
 Defining, Assessing, and Promoting E-Learning Success: An Information Systems Perspective (2006). Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education4(1) with Lee-Post.
 An Empirical Sudy of Web Site Navigation Structures' Impacts on Web Site Usability (2007). Decision Support                     Systems 43(2) with Fang.
 Competitive Dynamics in Electronic Networks: A Model and the Case of Interorganizational Systems (2007).                        International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 11(3) with Chi, Srinivasan.
 Building Effective Online Game Web Sites with Knowledge-based Trust (2008). Information Systems Frontiers                     10(1) with Wu
 Business Computing Research Journals: A Normalized Citation Analysis (1994). Journal of Management          Information Systems11(1) with Johnson, Manakyan, Tanner.
 Evaluating and Classifying POM Journals (1997). Journal of Operations Management15(1) with Goh, Johnson,              Tanner.
 A Publication Power Approach for Identifying Premier IS Journals (2008). Journal of the American Society for                 Information Science and Technology59(2).
 A New Map for Knowledge Dissemination Channels (2009). Communications of the ACM 52(3).
 How Much and Where? Private vs. Public Universities Publication Patterns in the Information Systems Discipline             (2009). Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 60(2) with OLeary.
 The Quest for High Impact: Truth and Consequences? (2009). Communications of the Association for               Information Systems 25(1).
 Behavior-based Analysis of Knowledge Dissemination Channels in Operations Management (2010). OMEGA: The         International Journal of Management Science 30(1) with Lee-Post..
Artificially Intelligent Systems
 Management Support through Artificial Intelligence (1985). Human Systems Management5(2) with Whinston.
 Business Expert Systems(1987), Homewood IL: Irwin with Whinston.
 Adapting Expert System Technology to Financial Management (1988). Financial Management 17(3) with Tam,             Whinston.
 A Skill Refinement Learning Model for Rule-Based Expert Systems (1990). IEEE Intelligent Systems 5(2) with                 Deng, Whinston.
 A Genetics-Based Hybrid Scheduler for Generating Static Schedules in Flexible Manufacturing Contexts             (1993).IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 23(4) with Jacob, Pakath, Zaveri.
 Learning by Problem Processors: Adaptive Decision Support Systems (1993). Decision Support Systems10(2)  with Jacob, Pakath, Zaveri.
 An Exploratory Study of Two KA Methods (1994). Expert Systems: Journal of Knowledge Engineering 11(2)                 with Raj.
 A Machine Learning Method for Multi-Expert Decision Support (1997). Annals of Operations Research 75 with               Lee-Post, Otto.
 Supporting Managers' Internal Control Evaluations: An Expert System and Experimental Results (2001). Decision           Support Systems30(4) with Changchit, Madden.
 An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Domain Complexity on Knowledge Acquisition Methods (2008).            Expert Systems with Applications 35(3) with Raj, Wagner.
Database Management
 Extensions and Corrections for the CODASYL Approach to Data Base Management (1976). Information Systems           2(2) with Bonczek, Whinston.
 Mathematical Programming within the Context of a Generalized Data Base Planning System (1978). Recherche         Operationnelle 12(2) with Bonczek, Whinston.
 The Integration of Network Data Base Management and Problem Resolution. (1979). Information Systems, 4(2)              with Bonczek, Whinston. 
 The Significance of Data Base Management for Micro Computers (1981). Datamation27(4) with Whinston.
 A Consulting System for Data Base Design (1982). Information Systems 7(3) with Shen and Whinston.
 SQL on the IBM PC (1983). PC Tech Journal 1(3).
 Micro Database Management (1984) New York: Academic Press, with Bonczek, Whinston.                       
 A Perspective on Data Models (1984). PC Tech Journal2(1).
 Assessing Surgical Quality Using Administrative and Clinical Datasets (2009). American Journal of Medical      Quality 24(5) with Conigliaro, Davenport.


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