David L. Olson

David L. Olson is the James & H.K. Stuart Professor in MIS and Chancellor’s Professor at the University of Nebraska. He is a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute. He is associate editor of Service Business and co-editor in chief of International Journal of Services Sciences, and is on the editorial boards of numerous journals, to include Decision Support Systems, Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Service and Operations Management, International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, and Enterprise Information Systems.

Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Professor Olson has published research primarily on the topic of multiple objective decision-making and information technology. He has presented such work in Decisions Sciences Institute, the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, IFORS, and numerous conferences sponsored by the Multiple Criteria Decision Making Society. His research in MCDM has emphasized comparison of multiple criteria decision making software. 
Books related to MCDM:
D.L. Olson, Decision Aids for Selection Problems (Springer-Verlag, 1996)
O.I. Larichev & D.L. Olson, Multiple Criteria Analysis in Strategic Siting Problems (Kluwer: New York, 2001)
Key papers related to MCDM:
Olson, D.L., Venkataramanan, M. & Mote, J. "A Technique Using Analytic Hierarchy Process in Multiobjective Planning Models," Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 20:6, 1986, 361-368.
Olson, D.L., White, E., & Wei, C.‑Y. "Prediction Interval Constrained Programming," Journal of Quality Technology 20:2, 1988, 90-97.
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Frazier, G.V., Gaither, N. & Olson, D.L. "A Procedure for Dealing with Multiple Objectives in Cell Formation Decisions," Journal of Operations Management 9:4, 1991, 465-480.
Olson, D.L., "Review of Empirical Studies in Multiobjective Mathematical Programming: Subject Learning and Response to Nonlinear Utility," Decision Sciences, 23:1, 1992, 1-20.
Olson, D.L. & Dorai, V.K. "Implementation of the Centroid Method of Solymosi and Dombi," European Journal of Operational Research 60:1, 1992, 117-129.
Larichev, O.I., Moshkovich, H.M., Mechitov, A.I. & Olson, D.L., "Experiments Comparing Qualitative Approaches to Rank-Ordering Multi-Attribute Alternatives," Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 2:1, 1993, 5-26.
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Olson, D.L., Moshkovich, H.M., Schellenberger, R. and Mechitov, A.I., “Consistency and Accuracy in Decision Aids: Experiments with Four Multiattribute Systems,” Decision Sciences 26:6, 1995, 723-749.
Moshkovich, H., Schellenberger, R.E. and Olson, D.L., “Data Influences the Result More than Preferences,” Decision Support Systems 22:1 1998, 73-84.
Davey, A. and Olson, D.L., "Multiple Criteria Decision Making Models in Group Decision Support," Group Decision and Negotiation 7, 1998, 55-75.
Butler, J. and Olson, D.L., “Comparison of Centroid and Simulation Approaches for Selection Sensitivity Analysis,” Journal of Multicriteria Decision Analysis 8:3, 1999, 146-161.
Stading, G., Flores, B. and Olson, D., “Understanding Managerial Preferences in Selecting Equipment,” Journal of Operations Management 19:1, 2001, 23-37.
Seydel, J. and Olson, D.L., “Multicriteria Support for Construction Bidding,” Mathematical and Computer Modeling 34 2001, 677-702.
Moshkovich, H.M., Mechitov, A.I., and Olson, D.L. “Ordinal Judgments in Multiattribute Decision Analysis,” European Journal of Operational Research 137:3, 2002, 625-641.
D.L. Olson, “Subjectivity in decision analysis,” Artificial Intelligence Review, 23:4, 2009, 433-448.
Risk Management
Recent research has involved data mining and enterprise risk management. 
Books related to Data Mining and Risk Management
D.L. Olson & Yong Shi, Introduction to Business Data Mining (Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2006)
D.L. Olson & D. Wu, Enterprise Risk Management. Singapore: World Scientific, 2008.
D.L. Olson & D. Delen, Advanced Data Mining Techniques. Heidelberg: Springer, 2008.
D.L. Olson & D. Wu, New Frontiers in Risk Management. Heidelberg: Springer, 2008.
D.L. Olson & D. Wu, Enterprise Risk Management Models, Heidelberg: Springer, 2010.
Key Articles:
Yanhong Li, D.L. Olson & Zheng Qin, “Similarity Measures between Intuitionistic Fuzzy (Vague) Sets: A Comparative Analysis,” Pattern Recognition Letters 28:2, 2007, 278-285.
D. Wu, D.L. Olson, “A comparison of stochastic dominance and stochastic DEA for vendor evaluation,” International Journal of Production Research 46:8, 2008, 2313-2327.
D. Wu, D.L. Olson, “Supply chain risk, simulation and vendor selection,” International Journal of Production Economics, 114:2, 2008, 646-655.
D.L. Olson, Qing Cao, Ching Gu and D.-H. Lee, “Comparison of customer response models,” Service Business, 3:2, 2009, 117-130.
D. Wu, D.L. Olson, “Enterprise Risk Management: Coping with Model Risk in a Large Bank,” Journal of the Operational Research Society 61, 2010, 179-190.
Pedagogically, Professor Olson has been involved in the management science and management information systems fields of project management and enterprise information systems. He is a member of the Association for Information Systems. He was named Best Enterprise Information Systems Educator by IFIP. 
Management Science books:
J.R. Evans & D.L. Olson, Introduction to Simulation and Risk Analysis (Prentice-Hall, 1998) 2nd ed. (Prentice-Hall, 2001), revision
J.R. Evans & D.L. Olson, Statistics, Data Analysis, and Decision Modeling (Prentice Hall, 2000), 2nd ed. (Prentice Hall, 2003), (Prentice-Hall Custom, 2005)
Paisittanand, S. and D.L. Olson, “A Simulation Study of IT Outsourcing in the Credit Card Business: A Practical Study of a Thai Bank,” European Journal of Operational Research 175, 2006, 1248-1261.
Vo Van Huy, Bongsug Chae & D.L. Olson, “A Multiple Perspective Approach to Problem Formulation: A Case Study of a Vietnamese Company,” Journal of the Operational Research Society 58:5, 2007, 655-668.
Management Information Systems books:
D.L. Olson & J.F. Courtney, Jr., Decision Support Models and Expert Systems (Macmillan, 1992); revision (DAME, 1998).
D.L. Olson, Introduction to Information Systems Project Management (Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2001) 2nd ed. (Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2004)
D.L. Olson & S. Kesharwani, Enterprise Information Systems: Contemporary Trends and Issues, Singapore: World Scientific, 2010.
S.M. Lee and D.L. Olson, Convergenomics: Strategic Innovation in the Convergence Era, London: Gower Press, 2010.
B. Patrakasol, D.L. Olson, “How Interfirm Collaboration Benefits IT Innovation,” Information & Management 44, 2007, 53-62.
Olson, D.L. and F. Zhao, CIO’s perspectives of Critical success factors in ERP upgrade projects, Enterprise Information Systems 1:1, 2007, 129-138.
Q. Fei & D.L. Olson, “Web Services Composition Strategy in Enterprise Systems, Human Systems Management 26:1, 2007, 53-61.
D. Olson, “Data Mining in Business Services,” Service Business 1:3, 2007, 181-194.
Olson, D.L. “Evaluation of ERP Outsourcing,” Computers & Operations Research 34:12, 2007, 3715-3724.
K. Rosacker, D.L. Olson, “IT project selection methods in state government,” Project Management Journal 39:1, 2008, 49-58.
K. Rosacker, D.L. Olson, “Public sector information system critical success factors,” Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy 2:1, 2008, 60-70. Highly Commended Award winner, Emerald Literati Network, 2009.
S.M. Lee, D.L. Olson and S.-H. Lee, “Open Process and Open-Source Enterprise Systems,” Enterprise Information Systems 3:2, 2009, 201-209.

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