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Marion G. Sobol


Dr. Marion Sobol (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is Professor of Information Technology and Operations Management.  She also has an appointment in Engineering Management, Information and Systems in the Lyle School of Engineering.  She is a fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute where she has served as National President of Alpha Iota Delta.  She has been Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the National Decision Sciences Institute.  She has chaired numerous committees in DSI and the Doctoral Consortium for INFORMS.


Professor Sobol is a co-author of three books Introduction to Statistics for Executives, McGraw Hill, 1993, 1998, Shaping the Corporate Reputation:  An Analytical Guide for Executive Decision Makers, 1992, and Lump Sum Redemption Settlements and Rehabilitation, University of Michigan, 1959.  Her research is focused on Statistics, Economic Payback to Management Information Systems and MIS in Health Care Organizations.


Prior to her career at Southern Methodist University she has taught at Rider University, Rutgers, University of Michigan and the University of Rhode Island.  At SMU she won the Rotunda Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award and the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Greek System.  She has also won the Aaron Sartain, Distinguished Faculty Award.  She taught statistics in the graduate, executive MBA and undergraduate programs.  She has also taught Systems Analysis, Telecommunications and Programming courses at the Cox School of Business, SMU.


In addition to her academic work she has been president of the Faculty Senate, President of the Faculty Club, Department Chairperson for ten years.  She has served on the editorial boards of 12 journals including Decision Sciences, Management Science, Advances in Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics and IEEE Software.



Representative Publications



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Jiang, J. J., Sobol, M. G. and Klein, G.  "Performance Ratings and Importance of Performance Measures for IS Staff," IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Vol. 47, No. 4, Nov. 2000.

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