Lori Franz

Lori S. Franz

Dr. Lori Franz (PhD University of Nebraska) is  Professor of Management in the Trulaske School of Business at the University of Missouri (MU).  She is a fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute.  In addition to her faculty role, she served her College as associate dean and director of graduate studies for six years, after which she served for six years as MU’s associate provost.  Her work in the provost office concluded with her service as interim provost in 2005.  Professor Franz previously served on the Management Sciences and MIBS faculty at the University of South Carolina prior to joining MU. 

Professor Franz is known for her work in multiple criteria decision making and in the scheduling and allocation of resources.   Her recent research interest focuses on the study of decisions as a unit of analysis.  She is currently investigating   decision maker perceptions of the dimensions of specific decisions.   After identifying common factors underlying multiple decisions, she is comparing and classifying how different decision makers perceive the same and different decisions.  

 Professor Franz’s research publications have appeared in numerous journals and  book chapters. 

 Professor Franz ‘s pedagogy was recognized with the 1987 DSI Instructional Innovation Award.  Her teaching has also been recognized with the UM System Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award, MBA Teacher of the Year, and an MU Gold Chalk Award.   She currently teaches MBA students in courses devoted to developing critical thinking and problem solving skills with data intensive cases that she develops.

 Professor Franz has contributed to the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) in many roles, including  Vice President at large, member of the executive committee, coordinator of numerous workshops and competitions, and  chair of committees and conference tracks.  She served as Program Chair  of the 1996 meeting where she implemented many changes to the meeting structure including  the addition of curricular mini-conferences.

 In addition to being broadly involved on her campus, professor Franz is the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative for MU to the Big 12 and NCAA.   She is a consultant evaluator for the NCA/Higher Learning Commission and a member of the Accreditation Review Council.  


Recent and Top Twenty Publications


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