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Dr. Fred Glover is Chief Technology Officer of OptTek Systems, Inc., in charge of algorithmic design and strategic planning initiatives. He also holds the title of Distinguished Professor at the University of Colorado, in association with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in the School of Engineering and with the Leeds School of Business. He has authored or co-authored more than four hundred published articles and eight books in the fields of mathematical optimization, computer science and artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on practical applications in industry and government.


Dr. Glover’s contributions to the field of optimization, for which he has received the John von Neumann Theory Prize (the highest award of the INFORMS society, for lifetime achievements in Operations Research and Management Science), span four decades, beginning with his work in the area of integer programming first published in 1964, and range across the fields of linear programming, network flows, graph theory, nonlinear programming and combinatorial optimization.


Dr. Glover’s contributions to discrete optimization and network optimization have pioneered the development of specialized solution methods and implementation procedures that have been widely commercialized. Contributions to the network field made jointly with his former student Darwin Klingman have been honored by the creation of the Glover-Klingman award of the top-tier journal Networks, awarded annually to the best publication to appear in its pages.


Dr. Glover is also a leading figure in the field of metaheuristics, whose name he coined in the 1980s, and that is now the subject of numerous books and international conferences, focusing on the development of models and methods enabling the solution of complex nonlinear and combinatorial problems that lie beyond the ability of classical optimization procedures to handle effectively.


Within this domain, Dr. Glover has introduced the class of procedures based on adaptive memory known as tabu search methods. Tabu search has had a significant impact on problems of a macro character, such as those in the areas of resource allocation, energy utilization, water resource planning, agricultural planning, minerals exploration, forestry management, toxic waste disposal, and others.


A partial indication of the influence of tabu search may be glimpsed by the fact that the Google search engine returns more than 200,000 web pages devoted to this topic. The related evolutionary approach scatter search, also originated by Dr. Glover, has likewise become the source of new methods for a wide range of practical applications, and is instrumental in solving problems that involve uncertainty. Together scatter search and tabu search provide the foundation of commercial software that is the leading source of computer-based optimization within the simulation industry. Currently there are more than 80,000 users licences of this software, in applications ranging from supply chain management to healthcare to energy transmission to portfolio optimization.


Dr. Glover’s achievements have also been honored by membership in the National Academy of Engineering as well as numerous additional awards and honorary fellowships, including those from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the NATO Division of Scientific Affairs, the Institute of Management Science, the Operations Research Society, the Decision Sciences Institute, the U.S. Defense Communications Agency, the Energy Research Institute, the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, Alpha Iota Delta, and the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science. He also serves on advisory boards for numerous journals and professional organizations, and has co-founded the companies Analysis, Research and Computation, Inc. (now within Science Applications, Inc.), Heuristec, Inc. (now within Tomax, Inc.) and OptTek Systems, Inc. Additional information available by Googling “Fred Glover” or by accessing


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