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Ira Horowitz
Dr. Ira Horowitz is a Graduate Research Professor Emeritus in the Information Systems and Operations Management Department in the Warrington College of Business of the University of Florida. He is a perennial summer visitor in the Information and Decision Systems Department in the College of Business Administration of San Diego State University. He was a two-term editor of Decision Sciences and also served as editor-in-chief of Managerial and Decision Economics. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Managerial and Decision Economics, the Pacific Economic Review, the Journal of Sports Economics, and the International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences. He is a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute.
Professor Horowitz’s early research focused on issues in industrial economics, most particularly the economic structure of the brewing industry and the use of entropy as a measure of industrial concentration, mutual-fund performance, and market definition. He subsequently developed a long-running program of research on uncertainty and the theory of the firm. Along the way, he worked on the economic issues of sports broadcasting, and subsequently segued into research on various aspects of major-league baseball. For the past 15 years he has collaborated with Dr. C.K. Woo on research into electricity pricing and energy policy, which continues to this day. He is also currently studying the efficiency of the college-basketball betting market, and has collaborated with Professors Bruce Reinig and G. E. Whittenburg on research into the use of team exams in business schools. 
Professor Horowitz served as the Department Head of Quantitative Business Analysis at Indiana University, chaired the Department of Management at the University of Florida, and a decade after he stepped down from that position was the first-time chair of the new department of Decision and Information Sciences. His overseas experience includes an appointment as a Visiting Professor in the Center for Operations Research at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), several stints at the Instiut Euopeen d’Administration des Affairs (France), and visiting appointments of varying lengths at Adelaide University (Australia), the Chiba University of Commerce (Japan), the Consortium of International Universities (Italy), the Hellenic American University (Greece), and both short-term and long-term appointments in Hong Kong at the City University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (as the first Ho Sin-Hang Visiting Professor of Decision Sciences), and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
And as distinct from the publications listed below, during his tenure at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Horowitz gave a seminar on the subject of “How to Publish Well and Often When You are Unlikely to Contend for a Nobel Prize,” which was summarized and published in the Research Bulletin of the Chinese University (3, 1995). He keeps a copy in the in-box on the desk in his office, because of the periodic requests that he still receives for reprints.   
Twenty top publications
An Introduction to Quantitative Business Analysis. McGraw-Hill, 1965.
Decision Making and the Theory of the Firm. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1970.
Quantitative Economic Policy and Planning. (Co-author Nicholas Spulber). W. W. Norton, 1976,
The Varying (?) Quality of Investment Trust Management. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 58:306, 1963.
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Entropy, Markov Processes and Competition in the Brewing Industry. (Co-author Ann R. Horowitz). Journal of Industrial Economics, 16:3, 1968.
Employment Concentration in the Common Market: An Entropy Approach. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, A. 133:3, 1970.
Sports Broadcasting, in Roger Noll ed. Government and the Sports Business. Brookings Institution, 1974.
The Economic Foundations of Self-Regulation in the Professions, in R. Blair and S. Rubin eds. Regulating the Professions. Heath and Company, 1980.
Market Definition in Antitrust Analysis: A Regression-Based Approach. Southern Economic Journal, 48:1, 1981.
Estimation Uncertainty and Optimal Advertising Decisions. (Co-authors A. Aykac, M. Corstjens, and D. Gautschi). Management Science, 35:1, 1989.
Parameter-Estimation Uncertainty, Risk Aversion, and “Sticky” Output Decisions. Southern Economic Journal, 58:4, 1992.
The Reasonableness of Horizontal Restraints: NCAA (1984), in L. J. White and J. Kwoka eds. The Antitrust Revolution. Harper-Collins, 1993; revised, Oxford University Press, 1998).
The Linear Programming Alternative to Policy Capturing for Eliciting Criteria Weights in the Performance Appraisal Process. (Co-author Christopher Zappe). Omega, 23:6, 1995.
The Increasing Competitive Balance in Major League Baseball. Review of Industrial Organization, 12:3, 1997.
Reliability Differentiation of Electricity Transmission. (Co-authors. C. K. Woo and Jennifer Martin). Journal of Regulatory Economics, 13:3, 1998.
Analysis of Capacity Management of the Intensive Care Unit in a Hospital (Co-authors Seung-Chul Kim, Karl K. Young, and Thomas A. Buckley). European Journal of Operational Research, 15:1, 1999.
Aggregating Expert Ratings Using Preference-Neutral Weights: The Case of the College Football Polls. Interfaces, 34:4, 2004.
Efficient Frontiers for Electricity Procurement by an LDS with Multiple Purchase Options (Co-authors C. K. Woo, Arne Olson, Brian Horii, and Carmen Baskette. Omega, 34:1, 2006.
Willingness to Pay and Nuanced Cultural Cues: Evidence from Hong Kong’s License-Plate Auction Market. (Co-authors C. K. Woo, Stephen Luk, and Aaron Lai). Journal of Economic Psychology, 29:1, 2008.
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