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Roger G. Schroeder
Dr. Roger G. Schroeder is the Frank Donaldson Chair in Operations Management at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management and Fellow of the Production and Operations Management Society.
Professor Schroeder is one of the founding scholars of empirical research in Operations Management. Beginning in the 1970’s he was one of the very first OM scholars to embrace the empirical research tradition and to this day has one of the most active and productive research programs. Professor Schroeder has made seminal contributions towards defining, shaping, and advancing quality management, operations strategy and high performance manufacturing.
Professor Schroeder’s interest in High Performance Manufacturing dates back to 1990 when he and Professor Barbara Flynn (Indiana University) started a study on the practices and contingencies that led to one factory outperforming another. This resulted in a large international study of manufacturing practices across different countries and cultures. The study is currently in its fourth round of data collection and data has been collected from 280 factories in 10 different countries. A series of more than thirty papers, many of which have appeared in top journals in the field, and a book have resulted from this study. Several projects are currently in progress to test theories and hypotheses from this data.
For many years, Professor Schroeder has been publishing in the operations strategy area, specifically on topics such as the resource-based view applied to operations, strategic performance in operations and the contingencies for operations strategy to be effective. And, in recent years, he has been studying Six Sigma and its relationship to knowledge management. This has resulted in papers on definitions of Six Sigma, goal setting, and the relationship of Six Sigma to knowledge creation, diffusion and retention. Professor Schroeder has also been researching TQM and continuous improvement applied to High Schools in the U.S. together with researchers from the College of Education. This has led him to look into organizational culture as it impedes or facilitates the implementation of TQM practices.
Professor Schroeder’s publication count in major research journals and proceedings exceeds 150. His papers have appeared in top journals such as Management Science, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, and Decision Sciences. The topics addressed in these papers include: the impact of quality management practices on performance and competitive advantage, manufacturing strategy, new product introduction, and high performance manufacturing. Most recently, the Handbook of Multi-Item Scales for Research in Operations Management (2007, Sage Publications) that Professor Schroeder co-authored has become a seminal contribution towards advancing the Operations Management field.
The recent recognitions Professor Schroeder has received attest to his research accomplishments and impact. The 2004 ISI listing recognizes Professor Schroeder as the top cited scholar in operations management in the world and among the top 50 most cited scholars across all disciplines of Business and Economics over the past 10 years. His research publications have achieved a total of 7500 citations by other researchers. In 2004, Professor Schroeder was also honored by the Academy of Management (Operations Management Division) with the Lifetime Scholarship Achievement Award. In 2003, he was inducted as a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute. In 2005, Professor Schroeder was awarded Dean’s prize for best researcher at the Carlson School of Management in recognition of his research contributions. In 2007 he was named as a Fellow of the Production and Operations Management Society. Finally, an important indicator of the significance of Professor Schroeder’s research program is the generous funding he has received from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Since 1992, Professor Schroeder and his research collaborators have successfully obtained approximately $2,000,000 in seven different NSF competitive grants.
Professor Schroeder’s pedagogical contributions to the OM field are exemplary. Nine editions of his Operations Management textbook have been published since its first edition was published in 1981. Leading business schools such as Kellogg (Northwestern University), Stern (New York University) and Darden (University of Virginia) have adopted this textbook in their operations management curriculum. The book has now been translated into other foreign languages (e.g., Chinese and Spanish) and has been adopted internationally. Professor Schroeder has successfully and continually taught in the Carlson School’s MBA Program, Vienna Executive MBA Program and its PhD program. In the MBA Program, he has taught in the Full-Time Core, as well as the Full- and Part-Time electives, concentrating on Operations Strategy and International Operations. Professor Schroeder has chaired and served on countless dissertation committees. In 2005, he was inducted into the University of Minnesota Academy of Distinguished Teachers, a rare honor for a University of Minnesota faculty member.
Professor Schroeder has been a visionary institutional leader at the Carlson School. He was the Founding Chair of the Operations Management Science Department at the Carlson School and served in that capacity from 1988 to 1993. It is his vision to focus the Department, as a whole, to conduct problem-driven empirical research that has helped the Department to earn the world wide reputation of being among the very best in OM empirical research.
Professor Schroeder’s institutional leadership is also evidenced in the conception, creation, development and growth of the Joseph Juran Center for Leadership in Quality, an interdisciplinary University-wide center, along with Jim Buckman. From 1993 to 2008, Professor Schroeder served as the Center’s Academic Co-Director.
The Juran Center occupies a unique place as a repository for developments in the field of leadership in quality and a generator of new research, new ideas, and more scholars. The Center has developed a world wide reputation as being a disciplined, rigorous champion of development in the field of quality management. The center serves as a resource to leaders, scholars, and students of quality management. Through its fellowship program for graduate students, its Summits for corporate and academic leaders, its educational offerings, and its body of knowledge repository of research and discovery, the Center is stewarding the evolution of Dr. Juran’s vision for a Century of Quality.
The Production and Operations Management Society has been a beneficiary of Professor Schroeder’s productive and vibrant research program and intellectual leadership. Professor Schroeder and his associates have published a series of papers in Production and Operations Management. And Professor Schroeder has served as the Guest Editor for two special issues of the journal – one on “Quality Management” and the other on “Theory in Operations Management.”
Professor Schroeder has been recognized as one of discipline’s most accomplished researcher, educator, mentor and institutional leader who truly has made a difference in advancing the theory and practice of production and operations management.
Twenty top publications (most citations and impact)
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